A new contest for a new era!

The contest will be held on the third floor of the Bike Stop at 206 S. Quince Street in Philadelphia, PA.

The audience will witness every activity and category that the contestants are judged on.

There are no secret interviews behind closed doors influencing the final outcome.

The audience will cast their votes for their favorite contestants and their votes will help decide the winner.

Best of all, the contest will only run from 8 to 10pm, leaving you plenty of time afterwards to dance on the third floor at the after party!

Strap on your hottest gear, grab all your friends, and bring your cellphones so you can cast your vote online and help decide the winner.

Limited seating will be available on the third floor, but everyone will be able to watch the contest on the TV monitors located on every floor in the bar except the basement (sound + video on 2d floor / video only on 1st floor).

See you in February!